Managing College Application Stress

College Application can be a stressful process, this is why I am featuring an article here that can help teachers provide their students some inputs on how they can deal with it. When I was a student, I had a …

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Best Study Habits to Try On

Yesterday, my friend and I went to the book store to find that newly released book that we both want to have. I came across a bunch of books that discusses the techniques in developing the best study skills. I …

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Learn To Speak Fluent English Online with a Professional Tutor

English proficiency tests such as IELTS can be very challenging to pass. It has four sections namely the speaking, reading, listening and reading tests. The speaking test is believed to be one of the most difficult sections in the IELTS …

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4 benefits For Teaching Your Kids Music Using A Digital App

Here’s interesting way to teach your kids to get into music:
Do you have a drummer, guitarist or pianist running around your home
playing some kind of a musical instrument? Whether it be two wooden
spoons with pots & pans as drums, or a cut out cardboard guitar with
strings if your child is interested in music you may have a future
musician on your hands. My kids all love to make music some way or
another. My 7-year-old Niko, has been wanting to learn how to play the
piano and I happen to come across a super cool piano teaching app for
kids that he will absolutely love!! They app is from Joy Tunes, great for kids of all ages!

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